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Toyo improves casing warranty for truck, bus radial tires


The change—increasing the first-retread casing value to $110 from $90—is part of an effort to instill confidence in Toyo’s truck and bus tire casings for retreaders.

“We are offering our improved casing warranty to further demonstrate the benefits of using Toyo brand commercial tires,” said Lowell Slimp, Toyo’s senior product manager, commercial truck tires, “which help to reduce the cost per mile for fleet and independent operations that rely on both quality and durability.”

The increased casing value applies for the first retread on many popular sizes, Toyo said. The company also offers a rubber allowance of up to $50 based on the remaining tread depth of the tire.

The new, 66-month warranty applies to Toyo commercial truck tires purchased after Oct. 10. The full casing value applies to tires not worn beyond 2/32nds-inch of treadwear that were used in the service for which they were designed and limited to no more than 66 months from the date of manufacture.

When tires are worn beyond the first 2/32nd-inch, adjustment credit will be based on a pro-rata replacement based on the percentage of tread depth remaining.

More information about Toyo’s improved casing warranty for commercial tires is available on the company’s website or through an authorized Toyo Tires dealer.

Source: rubbernews.com



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