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China Tire & Rubber Industry Trends Outlook

Looking back on 2013, Chinese tire rubber industry has made considerable progress, look to 2014, China will usher in what the tire and rubber industry development and changes? Development trends of the new year for the domestic tire rubber industry, we made the following forecasts and outlook.

Outlook 1: Eucommia, dandelion welcome breakthrough in the application or

2013 release of “Green Paper Eucommia industry,” noted that the introduction of new cultivation techniques, gutta latex yield up to 400-600 kg per hectare. If the planting area will be expanded to 300 gutta million hectares, annual production up to 1.2 million tons of rubber gutta above. In addition, early in 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission had formally cultivate the gutta rubber industry into the national strategic emerging industry system.

It is understood that the government and businesses around the country are actively responding to the policy, gutta rubber-related projects are vigorously advancing.

In addition, the dandelion has entered a new development stage. Studies show that the use of dandelion roots produce high quality natural rubber has become possible in the laboratory. The German horse brand in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and the Institute of Applied Ecology, dandelion as a raw material for industrial production of rubber tires, its research and development projects to be a breakthrough.German horse brand is also expected in the next few years, the tire rubber composition containing dandelion will begin testing on public roads.

We found that the industry for future applications and dandelion gutta very hopeful. They believe that the current two plants have become the most likely alternative to rubber for tire production of raw materials, as the technology matures, these two resources can effectively alleviate the reliance on non-rubber producing countries to rubber imports.

Prospect 2: go abroad enterprises have an increasing trend

For the domestic tire and rubber industry, “two out” universal status quo, to the second choice, Triangle, Linglong, race wheels and rubber, Hainan represented companies have to go abroad, set up factories in foreign countries, trying to solve some of the countries on China tire “double reverse “as well as the small size of the domestic rubber plantation, adversely affect the survival and development of enterprises brought.

A website tire industry analyst said that with the United States, Brazil and other regions of China Tire “dual” policy continues to heat up, the strength of the domestic enterprises will be more and more foreign investment. Currently, most of these companies choose to invest in rubber from Southeast Asian countries closer to the origin. It is reported that this region as the largest production base of raw rubber, has a unique geographical and price advantage, Chinese tire industry is increasingly becoming a “strategic shift” in the target areas.

Prospect 3: excess production of natural rubber will expand the scale

The Rubber Economist Ltd.’s An e-mail report, due to the production growth is greater than the consumption of rubber, natural rubber worldwide in 2014 will show a tendency to expand the size of the surplus, or climbed from 2013’s 336,000 tons to 366,000 tons.

The report shows that the global rubber production in the new year will climb 3.3 percent to 11.965 million tons, 3% higher than previously expected. Increase in Vietnam and Myanmar, Cambodia and other countries miscarriage rubber production, increased its 2014 annual expectations.

A rubber futures analyst’s forecast, due to the oversupply of rubber in the international situation is difficult to alleviate the short term, in 2014, China’s rubber prices may continue to show a steady downward trend.

Looking 4: Spot rubber prices trading platform or promote a more rational

Natural rubber prices in recent years has been in a phase of irrational fluctuations, have an impact on the healthy development of the domestic rubber industry. In 2013, the establishment of China’s natural rubber trading center spot, only to break the pattern of the futures market price guide, to form a futures market, the spot market and the real flow of the market interaction and mutual influence of multi-level market system.

Many industry insiders commented higher that the Bohai Commodity Exchange – Rubber Valley natural rubber trading center spot for the rubber industry provides an open, transparent and efficient stock trading platform to promote change in the pattern of natural rubber price a useful try, the more the market price provides an important reference.

Prospect 5: tire RFID tags or popularity

June 2013, Korea Kumho Tire will become the world’s first RFID tag (also known as electronic tags) added tire products company; Since then, the French Michelin Group is also accelerating the promotion of radio frequency identification (ie RFID) pace tires.

Michelin believes that tires with embedded RFID technology is reliable throughout the life of the tire can improve the state of the tire tracks. It is understood that there are already other tire manufacturers to join, these companies hope to develop a unified RFID international standards as soon as possible.

Some industry experts believe that the technology exists the possibility of adoption. In 2014, there may be more tire companies apply this technology, Chinese enterprises do not rule out the possibility to join the ranks.

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/3/19038.html

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