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Natural rubber production is still short space the opportunity to continue to increase

Natural rubber market in Shanghai, Yunnan, state-run newspaper New glue 15,000 yuan / ton; Hainan 12-year old state-run newspaper in plastic 14500-14600 yuan / ton, Thailand on the 3rd tablet contains 17 tobacco tax reported 15700-16000 yuan / ton (warehouse) .

Natural rubber producing countries, said: natural rubber production in January increased 3.9%. As of January 31, Japanese ports to 17,387 tons of rubber stocks, at eight-month high. January 2014, China’s non-manufacturing PMI index was 53.4, down 1.2 from last month. The data fell for three consecutive months, a record low since December 2008.

Accelerate the pace of decline on plastic, although the daily sun but it is difficult to change the disadvantaged; HuJiao ratchet down to new lows, better than expected declines, short pattern maintained.

Data, the main rubber producing countries in January this year, production increased 3.9% in Japan and Qingdao port inventories remain high, the domestic manufacturing PMI fell in January, have been slow to increase production but the demand did not improve, the industry chain is still in the negative, short-term When the look is still short.

Rubber futures days short space operations, operating 15,570 and 15,770 batches into the air, natural rubber futures prices stop 16,000, to be more than a single long-term bottom and then go real admission.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/4/19035.html

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