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January 24-29 China’s SBR domestic market dynamics

January 24-29, the domestic market SBR narrow range, as the market is still sluggish downstream demand, as well as the market continues to weaken natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber market rose less power. Near the end, the downstream plant gradually discontinued holiday, although – given the stocking plan, market sentiment remained inadequate procurement, the downstream demand continues to remain weak state, trading remained light. Futures markets continue to fall, Asia butadiene almost flat, trading was light domestic butadiene, styrene costs continue to support efforts to weaken. Upstream petrochemical enterprises factory price stability, no noticeable improvement in downstream demand, styrene butadiene rubber market is still light situation.

Domestic market price: 1502 Shandong market price 13200-13300 yuan (t price, the same below), 1712 price 12100-12200 yuan, the North China market 1500E, 1502 price 13300-13400 yuan, 1712 yuan price 12100-12200, East market 1502,1500 E price 13300-13500 yuan, 1712 yuan price 12200-12300, 13200-13300 South China market price of 1502 yuan, 1712 yuan price 12000-12200, 13200-13400 Northeast market 1502,1500 E price of $ 1712 price 12200-12300 yuan.

Jilin: rosin SBR factory price of 13,000 yuan.

Qilu: rosin SBR 1502 factory price of 13,100 yuan, oil-filled SBR 1712 factory price of 12,000 yuan.

Nanjing Yangzi Gimpo: 1502 quoted at 13,100 yuan. 1712 quoted at 12,000 yuan.

Portland: 1500E and 1502E SBR quoted at 13,100 yuan, oil-filled SBR 1712 quoted at 12,100 yuan.

Outlook forecast: Asian butadiene market to stabilize prices, the domestic market continued dull butadiene. Affected by the continuing weakness of the domestic natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber market is still holding sluggish downstream demand trend, SBR thin trading, near the end, the downstream plant gradually discontinued, the market continued to weaken. Expected: years later with the downstream plant have started, and the consumption of raw materials inventory, increase in market demand, styrene butadiene rubber market is expected to improve.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/18/19087.html

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