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SBR market bearish sentiment increased

Zhou junior PetroChina, Sinopec are listed on the implementation of the SBR sales, Qilu 1502 at 13,100 yuan / ton, Qilu 1712 at 12,000 yuan / ton.Jihua 1502, Portland 1502E at 13000-13100 yuan / ton, Portland 1712 is not available, north, southwest companies listed.

Raw materials butadiene weekly market by lower outer plate impact styrene butadiene rubber market further down, a drop of about 200-300 yuan / ton, the market began to increase inversion phenomenon, few have heard of real single transaction. Depressed market sentiment, the user spot purchases. Part of the business inventory stocking years ago, high cost, low out unintentionally. Currently in North China 1502 reference price 12800-13100 yuan / ton, 1712 at 11900-12000 yuan / ton; eastern China in 1502 reported 12800-13100 yuan / ton, 1712 at 11800-12000 yuan / ton, 1502 reported in southern China 12700 -13 100 yuan / ton, 1712 at 11800-12000 yuan / ton.

Device: Fushun Petrochemical 200,000 tons / year plant two-line parking; Tianjin Harbour Ring device 6.9 across the board from the date of parking; Jilin Petrochemical unit reduction of production; Zhe Chen, Shen Hua Ding Nantong line stop.

Raw material butadiene external disk lower, although the recent rebound rubber, but not enough to boost the market, the market trading was light, businesses wait and see. Styrene-butadiene rubber industry analysts expected this week to continue to maintain lower trend.

Source: http://market.cria.org.cn/4/19250.html

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