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Butadiene rubber sidelines mostly weak

Zhou junior petrochemical listing price stability in Central 10700-11000 yuan / ton, down 100 for the price of North China Petroleum yuan / ton.

Market, the overall market is not volatile butadiene rubber, petrochemicals No significant adjustment for the price of intention, multi-level marketers reported regional market reference price: Shandong Province, Yanshan, Qilu Shun Ding at 10900-11000 yuan / ton, Daqing Shun Ding at 10,600 yuan / ton, East China Takahashi butadiene 11300-11400 yuan / ton, Daqing butadiene at 11,000 yuan / ton, Hebei Yanshan Shun Ding reported 10900-11000 yuan / ton, Daqing butadiene in 10800-10900 yuan / ton, South China Fu butadiene rubber at 10,600 yuan / ton, Rand reported 11,000 yuan / ton, Daqing butadiene 11,000 yuan / ton.

Raw materials butadiene tentative price increases, lower overall demand is still a sign of weakness, many factories demand procurement, real single discuss mainly butadiene factories no adjustment, the market wait and see.Butadiene rubber prices is expected in the short term may continue dropping slightly.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/4/19733.html

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