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SBR market weakness adjusted profit limited

SBR market today narrow adjustment Shandong Province, of which 1502 valued at about 11,300 yuan / ton, Qilu 1712 is estimated at 10,150 yuan / ton, down from about 0.49-0.87%. After the atmosphere for the price of market speculation once again slowed down, a small single-plant demand procurement, real single fare difficult 1502 mainly flat walk.

Today, the oil northwest, northeast Company SBR price adjustments follow each sales company Rosin 1502 to adjust the current to 11300-11400 yuan / ton, oil-filled gum in 1712 10,200 yuan / ton, petrochemical companies are listed.

Device Parking Information: Fushun Petrochemical 200,000 tons / year unit three parking; Tianjin Harbour Ring device 2013.6.9 date parking across the board, plans to restart production this month 1500E grades; Jilin Petrochemical unit reduction of production; Portland, Fu oak, Zhe Chen Nantong Shenhua line stop.

SBR week for the price continued to fall in the petrochemical and execute listing sales, weighed on the market sentiment speculation, trading slowed again. But the current price, the market upside down basically eliminated, and the opening of some petrochemical heard a slight reduction of single-family, styrene-butadiene prices gradually stabilize and continue down the limited space. The price difference between 1712 and butadiene little less than the factory demand still low junction space.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/4/19787.html

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