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Rubber continues to maintain market shocks


1, Spot market: Qingdao Free Trade Zone, on the spot market in Thailand, Malaysia adhesive RMB offer much, heard at around 13,000 yuan / ton. Malaysia and Thailand on the 20th standard rubber composites offer $ 1840-1850 / ton of quotes heard in Thailand on the 3rd spot reported smoke film about $ 2,130 / ton; No. Thailand, Malaysia 20 standard rubber spot price around $ 1840-1850 / t; Indonesia the 20th standard rubber spot price at $ 1,800 / ton. Today’s offer steady, heard yesterday Mattei standard rubber spot transactions have $ 1,830 / ton price, cargo is currently quoted at $ 1890-1930 / ton, Real Simple talk.

2, U.S. Labor Department data showed on Friday, March non-farm employment increased by 19.2 million people, the unemployment rate remained low of 6.7 percent in five years unchanged. Not as expected, but still showed a significant rebound in the job market after the return of warmer weather. It is worth noting that the total employment growth in January and February was revised up 3.7 million, further confirmed the steady recovery in the job market.

Steady increase in employment, should be able to allow the Fed to cut QE at the current rhythm of scale and to keep interest rates unchanged for some time. Earlier, the Fed Chairman Xi Yelun has said the Fed still needs to remain highly accommodative monetary policy in order to eliminate the weak job market.

Market Commentary

On Friday, Shanghai opened at 15500, after opening with small correction in early trading, hitting a high of 15,550, slightly weaker market after midday, fell to lows 15360, and finally closed at 15450, 25392 days, lighten up 1042 hand to hand .

Operation Strategy

Thailand affected by the rumors cast storage, the external disk market confidence damaged, prices fell significantly, following the fall of Shanghai also currently maintain Shanghai still fall within the range of shock, but the magnitude and rate of decline, the market for fall Space is not expected, the atmosphere has warmed up from the previous pessimistic trend is expected to decline in the near future will be the main form of bottoming, the market for the latter is still reported to expect a rebound is expected to remain volatile in the short term, the situation concerns support below . Shock interval 15000-15800, increased volatility in the short term, on the fast track operations mainly concern the interval break, can take advantage of a single chase.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/25/20117.html

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