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March 2014 natural rubber price monitoring information

According to Ministry of Agriculture, Bureau of Reclamation (Tropical Crops, Ministry of Agriculture Development in South Asia office) monitoring, in March 2014, Thailand 3 Smoked Sheet (RSS3) and Indonesia on the 20th standard plastic (SIR20) price rise within a narrow range. Domestic sales of both domestic standard rubber (SCRWF) spot prices have followed the trend abroad, fell slightly in early, rapid rise in late trading volume increased last month.

Foreign main producing areas: in March, the average price of Thai RSS3 $ 2,288 / ton, up $ 122 / ton, the highest price of $ 2,355 / ton, the lowest price is $ 2,205 / ton; Indonesia SIR20 average price of $ 1,942 / tonne , up 25 U.S. dollars / ton, the highest price of $ 2,000 / ton, the lowest was $ 1,890 / ton; maturity RSS3 spot month average price of Singapore futures market was $ 2,273 / ton, up $ 129 / ton, the highest price to $ 2,337 / ton, the lowest was $ 2,180 / ton.

Domestic main areas: in March, domestic standard rubber (SCRWF) Hainan Commerce Center no transaction records, e-commerce center in Yunnan average selling price of 14,225 yuan / ton, the total turnover of 660 tons full month.

Domestic sales areas: in March, the average price of domestic standard rubber (SCRWF) Shanghai market was 14,605 ​​yuan / ton, down 613 yuan / ton, the highest price of 15,100 yuan / ton, the lowest price is 14,000 yuan / ton; Qingdao average market price of 14,490 yuan / ton, down 645 yuan / ton, the highest price of 15,000 yuan / ton, the lowest price is 13,900 yuan / ton; average price of Tianjin market is 14,681 yuan / ton, down 666 yuan / ton, the highest price 15,300 yuan / ton, the lowest price is 14,200 yuan / ton.

Imports: According to customs statistics, in February 2014 imports of 191,161 tons of natural rubber, an increase of 31.2% in January-February total imports of 534,000 tons, an increase of 34.6%.

Analysis and Prediction: In early March 2014, affected by weak consumer spending and high inventories of natural rubber and other social factors, the domestic market, natural rubber prices continued to decline last month, continues to decline, the spot price of 4 and a half years since the record breaking lows. 3 months late, the situation in Ukraine by the turmoil, the international crude oil prices rose sharply, and the country last year, purchasing and storage of some domestic Reserve glue into the delivery phase, the Shanghai Futures Exchange inventory reduction of natural rubber, natural rubber market prices rise rapidly. April 2014, although the main producing areas in Southeast Asia to stop cutting of foreign pressure to reduce the supply of natural rubber, the main producing areas of the country but have been gradually cut open, with Qingdao Bonded Warehouse to slow progress inventory, inventory is still high, suppressed Natural rubber prices. Comprehensive expected in April 2014, domestic natural rubber market prices will remain weak and volatile situation.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/25/20146.html

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