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Peripheral news rubber futures fell slightly relative calm

April 14, 1409 Shanghai rubber futures contract fell 65 to close at 14945. Spot market quotes overall lower, due to supply shortage in some areas the impact of the price a bit strong, but the lack of buying interest factories, market trading atmosphere dull. Yunnan state full latex heard reference pricing in 14600-14800 yuan / ton, Hainan state whole milk 14400-14800 yuan / ton; Yunnan standard two plastic reference pricing in 13,600 yuan / ton; Thailand 3 # smoke film offer in 15000 – between 15,800 yuan / ton, Vietnam 3L offer at around 15000-15500 yuan / ton; imported bottled latex spot market reference price at 12100-12300 yuan / ton (17% of the votes).

Following the February winter escape interference picked up three slightly wounded, the U.S. March retail sales of new heights, March MoM increase since September 2012 hit a new high. March sales primarily from strong growth in the automotive industry, motor vehicles and parts increased by the same is the highest since September 2012. But gasoline and electronic products fell more than 1%.

Under the pressure of the emerging markets, developed countries promised to do more to communicate the central bank governor at the time of the policy change and to consider the impact on other parts of the world. G20 finance ministers meeting at the central bank, Fed Chairman 席耶伦 European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and are committed to “the timely and clear communication of monetary policy adjustments, and therefore consider the impact on the global economy.

After last week’s economic data released more secret HuJiao played a repression of the main contract in 1409 after unsuccessfully to break up the back near 15,000 points. Currently peripheral news relative calm, not the introduction of a strong short-term stimulus measures to stimulate domestic micro policies, to support the market slightly. The spot, cut domestic areas and eventually opened a new supply of plastic also began this month, bonded into port cargo decreased inventory in the region may be a slight decline, but it is still difficult to reduce the supply pressure. Downstream SMEs due to lack of orders led to weak demand, the frequency and the number of market purchases of decline. Operation Hujiao still in shock interval among the short-term, or will be supported at 15,000 points, short positions are temporary fence is appropriate.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/25/20248.html

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