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TOCOM rubber futures June 18 rose to three-week high in early trade

Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) rubber futures prices on Wednesday (June 18) in early trade to a high of three weeks since, helped by the weak Japanese stocks rose and the yen, while its previous day’s close at 200 yen / kg above this important level.

TOCOM rubber futures contract prices in November rose 2.8 yen on Wednesday, at 203.9 yen / kg (0037GMT), record high since May 29, rubber futures closed 1.7 yen on Tuesday.

After the United States in May, seasonally adjusted consumer price index rose to a high of more than a year, due to increased costs of goods and services, which may also ease the Federal Reserve (FED) lower inflation in the U.S. economy worries.

Iraq’s prime minister on Tuesday issued a joint statement calling for national unity, a move that could prompt a government crackdown against the violence in Iraq and the United States to provide support.

Japanese government data released Wednesday showed Japan’s exports fell in May by 2.7%, which is 15 months, the country’s exports fell for the first time, indicating that the weak external demand, the yen continued to weaken.

Sanya City in the early weeks, the Nikkei 225 index rose 0.4 percent on Tuesday, U.S. stocks upward.

United States Brent crude oil futures prices steady on Tuesday at $ 113 / above the barrel, while U.S. crude oil prices fell, and Iran’s relations with the West improved, resulting in limited market for Iraqi crude oil supply worries eased. Sanya City in the early weeks, the dollar rose against the yen, rose to a high since the week at 102.25, after the United States in May, seasonally adjusted by the consumer price index hit the biggest increase since a year.

As of June 18 morning Beijing time 10:17, Tokyo Rubber reported 203.5 yen / kg, up 1.24 percent.

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/4/21420.html

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