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Natural rubber prices trend analysis (June 23 -27)

1. Natural rubber prices

According to price monitoring, natural rubber shock upstream week, closed up slightly, weekly 14,266 yuan / ton, weekend 14,393 yuan / ton, or 0.89%.

2. Market analysis

According to price monitoring, natural rubber shock upstream week, slightly closed up 0.89 percent. Affected by a strong rebound in futures prices, with the spot market price of natural rubber rose. Bailout by the main producing countries of speech and the expected impact of extreme weather, market confidence boost, but the natural rubber market supply and demand relationship has not fundamentally changed, the overall market volume was light. China Qingdao Bonded rubber growing inventory situation has improved, as of June 13 Qingdao Bonded natural rubber, synthetic rubber and adhesive stocks fell 327,900 tons, but still high, coupled with new domestic and rubber producing countries have gradually entered cut open the season, the obvious contradiction between supply and demand.

3. Investors predict

Rubber analysts believe that short-term supply and demand is still outstanding, natural rubber prices is difficult to rebound should remain low consolidation.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/25/21660.html

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