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Butadiene synthetic rubber market downturn or stop the pace of price increases

It is reported by the deterioration of the profitability impact downstream butadiene synthetic rubber producers are further cut production in Asia butadiene spot prices or to stop up the pace.

According to ICIS data show that since in just a month’s time since late May, Asia butadiene spot prices have risen 13%, June 20 Asia butadiene spot prices rose to an average of $ 1,475 / ton (CFR Northeast Asia ). One trader said: “This week has seen popularity tends to weaken the purchase because buyers are more than 1450 U.S. dollars for quote / ton (CFR Northeast Asia) butadiene spot and no interest.” Another trader said : “As a large number of buyers have started to retreat from the market, the current butadiene market is weakening.” A major buyers of butadiene, said:. “waits lower offer, currently taking a wait and see attitude.”

Slowdown in China’s economic growth has led to weak Asian synthetic rubber market, some of the major Asian synthetic rubber producers have reduced the amount of runs. If butadiene prices continue to spiral, China, South Korea and China Taiwan region butadiene rubber (BR) and styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) producers plan to further cut production.

A Chinese SBR producer said: “Affected rising prices of raw materials butadiene, styrene-butadiene rubber production has been at a loss situation, the time will be extended SBR unit shut down.”

Asia’s largest synthetic rubber producer Korea Kumho Petrochemical Company has plans to set its 340,000 tons / year capacity utilization levels of butadiene rubber plant from the current 45% further reduction to 35% in July, while 56 plans capacity utilization levels tons / year SBR device further from the current 85% to 75% -80% reduction in the time of July.Operating rate in Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Company was located in Kaohsiung from June 25 of a 100,000 tons / year styrene butadiene rubber device from the previous 100% slashed to 60% -70%. The company management said: If the raw material butadiene prices continue to rise, until the end of August from the current level of the device operating rate has remained at a low level of 60% -70%, but September will be shut down. “China’s Shen Hua Chemical will extend a downtime SBR device than planned to extend the week to July 16, mainly due to the impact of rising prices of butadiene, styrene-butadiene rubber production in a loss situation. Nantong in Jiangsu has three 60,000 tons / year styrene butadiene rubber production line which three production lines are on June 15 for a 25-day work stoppage overhaul, which will be scheduled to restart production lines in July 10.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/25/21863.html

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