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Rubber products were mixed within a narrow range

Rubber Index July 7 to 733 points, unchanged from the previous, the highest point in the cycle compared to 1129 points (2012-03-05) fell by 35.08% compared to March 20, 2014 the lowest point of 681 points, up 7.64 percent. (Note: The period refers 2011-12-01 far).

July 7 natural rubber (standard one) commodity index was 41.99, down by 0.36 points yesterday, the highest point of 100.00 points over the period (2011-09-01) fell by 58.01%, compared to 18 May 2014 the lowest point 40.86 points, up 2.77 percent. (Note: The period refers 2011-09-01 far). Bonded stocks decline further positive not boost natural rubber shock quoted in RMB decline, the industry caution unabated, it is understood that the current poor domestic harvest areas glue, glue the new listing of further delay, the main flow of glue on the market for 13 years Follow Hujiao wave, natural rubber market is still under pressure.

SBR 1502 Commodity Index July 7 to 42.15, representing an increase of 0.25 points, the highest point of 103.60 points over the period (2011-09-08) fell by 59.31% compared to July 11, 2013 the lowest point of 33.88 points up 24.41%. (Note: The period refers 2011-09-01 far).

Butadiene rubber Commodity Index July 7 to 36.10, unchanged from the previous day, the highest point of 102.40 points over the period (2011-09-25) fell by 64.75% compared to July 22, 2013 the lowest point of 30.52 points, up 18.28 %. (Note: The period refers 2011-09-01 far). Continuation of the current high butadiene; styrene butadiene, polybutadiene no sales pressure and supply-side supply shortage of some brands, such as synthetic rubber prices continue to support strong. However, the current high-priced market reaction amplification difficult trading atmosphere, in addition to weak demand side, the downstream do not chase, do inventory, keeping demand procurement schedule, tire companies will continue to enter the off-season production, shrinking demand for raw materials, but the factory Pull up a clear attitude, do not rule out short-term prices may continue to rise slightly on the probe.

Butyl rubber Commodity Index July 7 to 79.48, unchanged from the previous, the highest point in the cycle compared to 113.51 points (2013-06-12) fell by 29.98% compared to May 6, 2014 the lowest point of 74.61, up 6.53 points %. (Note: The period refers to the date 2012-09-01)). From the beginning of June butyl rubber limited domestic supply of goods, the manufacturers to raise prices, butyl rubber prices rose slightly.

By the end of June the domestic petrochemical manufacturers raised the listing price of synthetic rubber, or 200 yuan / ton, nitrile rubber rose 300 yuan / ton, butyl rubber rose 600 yuan / ton, into July butadiene rubber are starting to raise prices. Factories boosted market price, the market price subsequently rises, the limited supply of goods and some brands, businesses also appeared somewhat reluctant to sell, but also led to the rise of butadiene synthetic rubber market. The natural rubber futures market recently renewed weakness, the overall stock market sentiment is not high, many traders wait and see, cautious attitude, dragging the entire rubber market trend. Analysts expect rubber area business community still faces resistance, July upside is limited.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/25/21835.html

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