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Rosneft and Pirelli expand collaboration for synthetic rubber

Rosneft and Pirelli have signed a memorandum of understanding in the area of R&D, producing and shipping ofsynthetic rubber in the city of Nakhodka, Russia, in the framework of the FEPCO (Far East Petrochemical Company) petrochemical cluster.

Within the signed memorandum, Rosneft and Pirelli specified the requirements for the engagement of a third party acting as a technological and production partner. Moreover Rosneft and Pirelli claim their intentions of using FEPCO petrochemical cluster, which is situated in Nakhodka, for synthetic rubber production for the purpose, among other things, of supplies to Pirelli’s own tire production facilities in South-Pacific region. Above all, Rosneft and Pirelli show intention to develop research, design and experimental projects in this area in Nakhodka.

Styrene butadiene rubber, which is supposed to be produced there, is an environmentally-friendly material, which is used in production of so called ‘green tyres’. It improves adherence on both wet and dry road and helps to reduce fuel consumption.

After signing the MoU, Igor Sechin, Head, Rosneft, said, “The execution of this Memorandum represents a unique growth opportunity for Rosneft in the high-margin petrochemical field. Joint research and cooperation in the field of production and marketing will allow Rosneft and Pirelli to maximise the efficiency of the project and will let the parties develop and implement marketing know-how and acquire new competencies.”

Marco Tronchetti Provera, Chairman and CEO, Pirelli, added, “The agreement goes in the direction of strengthening the synthetic rubber project in Nakhodka both technologically and in terms of the already existing synergies between Pirelli and Rosneft. It is also shows Pirelli and Rosneft beginning to move together into new alliances which, as we have already said, could also be a part of our future cooperation.”

The construction of a modern petrochemical and refining structure in the Russian Far East is one of Rosneft’s leading projects. Its execution is being led by the Far East Petrochemical Company.

The plant with a designed capacity of 30 million tonne per annum of hydrocarbon refining is planned to be located in the Partisan region of the Primorsk Territory. This project will lay the foundation of the Far East petrochemical cluster formation.

– Business Standard

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