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Shanghai butadiene rubber market: Oct. 22

Shanghai market, butadiene rubber offer narrow tone, Daqing rubber price 12800-13000 yuan / ton, Sichuan rubber price 11300-11500 yuan / ton, Dushanzi gum sporadic offer 13,100 yuan / ton, Rand gum offer 12,200 yuan / Nearby tons. Market overall bearish atmosphere, the venue will ship strong traders, some traders cheap goods to go.

Butadiene rubber Commodity Index October 21 to 39.17, a decrease of 0.1 points yesterday, the highest point in the cycle compared with 102.40 points (2011-09-25) fell by 61.75%, compared with July 22, 2013 the lowest point rose 30.52 points up 28.34 percent. (Note: The period refers to the date 2011-09-01)


Shanghai butadiene rubber market: Oct. 22

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/18/24102.html

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