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Tightening supply and demand across the board, rubber or rebound

Natural rubber futures contract since June September began to fall out of the market, in June from the vertex 15,300 yuan / ton in the vicinity shock down to close to 13,000 last breakthrough, after a brief adjustment, following the market panic quickly to below the previous low of 10,975 yuan / ton, the day after quickly rebounded to 12,000 yuan / ton, the same day fluctuations of more than 15%, while trading volume hit a new high in recent decades, and has been since a narrow range, the price entered a relatively stable period.

Despite the recent trend of rubber affected demand weak, but more by the market panic attack, it came with a rapid decline and huge volatility, for ordinary investors, the operation very difficult, has been not eligible to participate. Late we consider, along with extreme emotional and financial impact of past, rubber prices will change the fundamentals of an effective return, or a wave of relatively decent rebound.

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/4/28029.html

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