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US exports of acetic acid decline on month

US exports of acetic acid declined 8% in July, while vinyl acetate monomer exports dipped 2%, according to the most recent data from the US International Trade Commission.

AA exports reached 90,000 mt, and VAM exports stood at 40,000 mt, according to the trade data released on Monday, which was the Labor Day holiday in the US. In June, exports of AA totaled 98,000 mt, and VAM came to 41,000 mt.

Belgium again led as the top destination for US AA and VAM, receiving 44,000 mt of AA and 22,000 mt of VAM. Mexico ranked second in both, with 25,000 mt of AA and 5,000 mt of VAM.

In spot markets, Platts assessed AA on Thursday at $610-$620/mt FOB USG and VAM at $985-$995/mt FOB USG.

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