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Yamaha introduces ‘MotoBot’, a motorcycle riding robot

Yamaha introduces ‘MotoBot’, a motorcycle riding robotYamaha Motor Company showed off the company’s ‘MotoBot’ at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show. The company describes the MotoBot as an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot. It performs riding operations from a human rider’s standpoint.

According to Forbes, The Yamaha MotoBot aims to outperform an elite world champion—nine-time MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi, who some consider practically superhuman for the way he pilots his Yamaha YZR-M1 racing motorcycle. Or so the robot says in a video message addressed to Rossi. “I am MotoBot,” declares the childlike electronic voice in the video. “I was created to surpass you.”

“We aim to have the potential to make all of vehicle autonomous, not only for motorcycle,” Hiro Saijou, the chief executive of Yamaha motor ventures and laboratory said. “And autonomous robot for riding motorcycle could be the most challenging and could be great proof of the concept,” Washington Post reported.

The first generation of MotoBot requires remote control to operate it but soon Yamaha will come up with fully autonomous MotoBot controlled by GPS and sensors.

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