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Chomerics introduces improved conductive molding compound

May 4, 2016

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Chomerics introduces improved conductive molding compound

Chomerics has developed a conductive injection molding compound that it claims avoids inconsistent properties compared to traditionally mixed conductive masterbatches and natural resins.

Chomerics says its PBT-225 is a single-pellet polybutylene terephthalate compound that delivers consistent electrical conductivity and mechanical properties. The business, a division of Parker Hannifin Corp., states the material’s reliability can help in switching from metal to plastics for electronic product housings.

Chomerics says the conventional approach using so-called cube blends of resin pellets with masterbatch pellets results in small variations in levels of conductive filler in the molded product. Although the resin and masterbatch are mixed at a predetermined ratio, pellets can shift and settle out during transit to create areas of too little filler or too much filler. Typically, the inconsistencies show up in product testing, leading to rejects.

The single-pellet approach gives a tenfold improvement in control of filler in a molded part, according to Woburn, Mass.-based Chomerics.

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