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Liqui-Box buys South African operations

June 6, 2016 Updated 6/6/2016

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Liqui-Box buys South African operations

Liqui-Box Liqui-Box’s FlexAsept protects aseptic packaged liquid products.

Liqui-Box Holdings Inc. is acquiring the engineering and the flexible operations of Maverick Engineering Pty. Ltd. in Cape Town, South Africa.

Richmond, Va.-based Liqui-Box said Maverick Engineering makes bag-in-box manufacturing equipment, and Maverick Flexibles designs and makes specialty films and laminates for food and beverages.

“Maverick brings a world-class team of people and game changing innovation around all aspects of the bag-in-box manufacturing and converting process that will immediately take Liqui-Box’s capabilities to a new level,” said Liqui-Box CEO Ken Swanson in a statement.

He further said the deal will be “transformational” in the bag-in-box business “as we fully integrate our various substrates and fitment designs with a best-in-class bag making process into all of our manufacturing plants around the world.”

The owner of Liqui-Box also signaled the company expects to continue to grow through future acquisitions.

“Maverick is the first in a series of acquisitions planned for Liqui-Box and aligns with the strategic investments we continue to pursue,” said Manu Bettegowda of Olympus Partners, a private equity firm that owns Liqui-Box.


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