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India: Rubber growers association opposes move to import rubber under TRQ

KOCHI: Indian Rubber Growers Associationhas voiced concern at the move initiated by the consuming industry to change the Exim policy on rubber including import at reduced rate of duty under tariff rate quota (TRQ).

Any move to reduce the import duty further will bring down the price and production sharply, said association general secretarySiby J Monippally.

Growers are getting Rs 130 per kg now but the cost of production is Rs 160 per kg. Imports under TRQ could be termed as a disaster for the struggling growers. “It is true that there is shortage of natural rubber in the country. But the Indian rubber growers are capable of producing the required quantity for the consuming sector, if prices are fair and reasonable,” he said.

The association called for a conducive atmosphere which is win-win for all should be evolved through consensus among stakeholders for the better future of Indian rubber industry. If imports are made more liberal by change in the policy it will put an end to rubber cultivation in India, which was developed over a period of 60 years.

The non-tariff measures like port restriction and six months stipulation for exports are not restricted in nature since 90 per cent of the imports are through Mumbai and Chennai port. Shorter export obligation will hasten exports and restrict flooding of imported NR in the country, Monippally said.

Any move to change the Exim policy on rubber including Imports under Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) is unwarranted and against the interest of the Indian rubber industry particularly the small growers.

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