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Evergreen launches ‘fully renewable’ cups

June 17, 2016 Updated 6/17/2016

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Evergreen launches 'fully renewable' cups

Roger Renstrom Evergreen’s “fully renewable cup stock” uses sugar cane-based resin coating from Braskem SA.

San Diego — Evergreen Packaging Inc. of Memphis is producing what it calls the “first fully renewable cup stock,” using fiber-based stock and a barrier coating of custom coextruded sugarcane-based polyethylene.

Evergreen showed the cups at the Sustainability Brands event in San Diego, June 7-9.

Commercial production of the cups began June 6 at two Evergreen facilities in North Caroline, in Waynesville and Canton.

Suitable for hot or cold applications, the product can run on equipment already processing other forms of PE-coated stock.

Evergreen buys the bio-based PE from São Paulo-based Braskem SA. The resin is made in Triunfo in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Evergreen operates as a segment of Reynolds Group Holdings Ltd. of Auckland, New Zealand.

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