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Iowa processor honored for helping workers overcome barriers to employment

June 24, 2016 Updated 6/24/2016

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Plastics News Report

Sioux City, Iowa — Owner Revolution Inc., an Atlanta, Iowa-based company with holdings including acrylic fabricators and a rotational molding company, has been picked for a 2016 Iowa Job Honor Award, which recognize Iowans who have overcome barriers to employment.

The awards were announced June 14 in Sioux City, on the first day of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s annual Taking Care of Business Conference.

Owner Revolution was honored in the employer category, for its commitment to hire disadvantaged candidates, including people with developmental disabilities, past criminal convictions and histories of addiction.

Heather Link, human resources manager at Owner Revolution, said in a news release that people who overcome barriers often make exceptional employees.

“They value this opportunity so much. They’re doing something that matters, and they’re valued. And to me, that’s success,” she said.

The Plastic Professionals, a rotomolder in Atlantic, Iowa, is a subsidiary of Owner Revolution.

Other subsidiaries include Connect-A-Dock, which makes modular floating docks, and Schafer Solutions Inc., a fabricator of acrylic products including point-of-purchase displays in Adair, Iowa.

Iowa Job Honor Awards 2016: Owner Revolution (Atlantic) from America’s Job Honor Awards on Vimeo.

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