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Natural rubber: Futures stabilize and pick up market Watch cautiously

Shanghai Commodity Exchange Hujiao futures main contract 1809 opened at 10,460 yuan / ton, to close at 10,470 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day, settled at 10,480 yuan / ton, up 70 yuan / ton, or 0.67%, turnover 414,638 positions 451,420 hands .

Spot market: Today, natural rubber prices fluctuate and arrange. In terms of futures, the fundamentals of the rubber have not changed. The central bank has sharply targeted the market to improve its market, and Hujiao has recovered and rebounded slightly. For the spot market, there was no obvious improvement in the current domestic market transactions. Market inquiries were generally in place. Terminal factory purchases were still mainly on-demand and trading was not active. The shortage of imported raw materials for latex is still present, and merchants have a low intention to go down. It is expected that there will be no obvious improvement in the natural rubber market in the late period. The current market mainstream reference quotes: East China State-owned 16 full latex reference quotes in the 10000-10100 yuan / ton; Thailand three smoke tablets offer at 12400-12600 yuan / ton, Vietnam 3L offer 10500-10600 yuan / ton.

Translated by Google Translator from http://www.cria.org.cn/newsdetail/44245.html

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