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US to sell most weekly Treasury bills since February

US to sell most weekly Treasury bills since FebruaryThe US Treasury is set to sell a combined $190 billion in bills this week, marking the biggest weekly T-bill issuance in nearly nine months as it has ramped up short-term borrowing to finance a growing federal deficit.

The Treasury said on Monday it will sell $50 billion in four-week, or one-month bills, up from $45 billion the week before.

It will auction $30 billion in eight-week, or two-month bills, more than the $25 billion sold last week.

It will also sell $26 billion in 52-week, or one-year, T-bills on Tuesday.

On Monday, it auctioned $45 billion in three-month bills and $39 billion in six-month bills, the same amounts as a week earlier.

The ratio of bids to the amount of latest three-month bills offered was 3.07, the highest reading since June 18.

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