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Synthetic rubber: SBS that is falling


The trend of the SBS market during this period can be described as “falling down” and I don’t know what the end is. Whenever you think you have fallen to the bottom, it starts to refresh your “downline.” As of the deadline for the deadline, East China T171 reported 10,400 yuan / ton, down 400 yuan / ton, down 3.70%; East China 792 reported 13400 yuan / ton, down 100 yuan / ton, down 0.74%; South China 1475 10,600 yuan / ton, down 600 yuan / ton from the previous weekend, a decrease of 5.36 percent. Some of the main supplier oil gel T171 low-end price of 10,000 yuan / ton, dry rubber 161B reported 12,000 yuan / ton, the site is upside down serious, the industry is miserable. Why did it fall to the point? What price can you fall? When did it fall? Do not understand, do not understand!

The factors that influence the market trend of rubber market are nothing more than raw material butadiene, as well as major factors of supply and demand. Then let’s take a look at it.

In terms of butadiene, as of last Friday, the butadiene middlemen in the East China market sent the price to around 9,000 yuan/ton, down 700 yuan/ton from the previous weekend, down 7.22%, and the North China market price was around 8,500 yuan/ton. Last weekend, it fell 1,000 yuan / ton, a decline of 10.53%. Affected by the weakening of crude oil prices and the continued decline in external quotations, the domestic market has a bearish atmosphere, and the downstream purchases are just waiting for the main demand. Natural rubber net

On the demand side, environmental inspections affect the downstream factories to start workload is not high. After November, the main rubber and rubber products production areas in the north will enter the heating season, and the frequency of smog weather will increase, which will directly affect the production of enterprises, limit production or even stop production or will appear frequently. Moreover, the road reform entered a cold winter, the construction of the site was blocked, and the market demand was expected to decline.

On the supply side, the upstream manufacturers’ equipment is relatively stable, and only some production lines are parked for a short time, which has not affected the overall supply of the market.

In summary, the trend of the SBS market in the later period is not optimistic. If there is no obvious advantage in the later stage, the SBS rubber market still has a downward space in the future, but it is relatively limited.

Translated by Google Translator from http://www.cria.org.cn/newsdetail/51766.html



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