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NY cocoa may rise into $2,821-$2,993 range in Q4

SINGAPORE: New York cocoa may rise into a range of $2,821-$2,993 per tonne next quarter, driven by a wave C.

This wave started at $2,092. It consists of three smaller waves.

The first wave labelled a ended at $2,821.

The wave c is expected to be equal to the wave a, to travel into the target zone.

A trendline falling from $3,775 points at $2,993 as well.

This wave C, along with the preceding wave A and wave B, has developed within a rising wedge.

It is hard to decide the nature of this pattern, which could be bullish, if the resistance at $2,993 is broken, or bearish, if cocoa fails to break $2,993 but falls towards $2,370 thereafter.

Even though it is clear that cocoa could rise towards $2,993, the unclear part is whether it would retreat into $2,370-$2,682 range before resuming the uptrend, as the moves within the wedge look very zigzagging.

The rise seems to have lost its momentum around the resistance at $2,682, which is highly likely to trigger a correction.

On the daily chart, a small five-wave cycle ended around a key resistance at $2,719.

A correction towards the bottom of the wave iv around $2,546 has started.

The correction could extend to $2,440, if it is classified as a pullback towards a short falling trendline.

A break above $2,719 could confirm the continuation of the uptrend.

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NY cocoa may rise into ,821-,993 range in Q4

Source: Brecorder

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