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Palm oil targets 5,187-5,274 ringgit range, sentiment climaxing

SINGAPORE: Palm oil may rise towards a 5,187-5,274 ringgit range, as it has broken a resistance zone of 5,032-5,048 ringgit per tonne.

The break confirms a continuation of a five-wave cycle from 4,032 ringgit.

The contract is riding on a wave 5, which is unfolding towards a range of 5,187-5,274 ringgit, as pointed by a rising channel.

The former resistance zone has become a strong support, which serves as a limit to any pullback.

A drop below 5,032 ringgit, however, will pose a serious challenge to the bullish view, as the drop may suggest the break above the zone was false.

On the daily chart, a projection analysis reveals a wider target range of 5,170-5,350 ringgit, formed by the 261.8% and the 276.4% projection levels of an upward wave (C) from 1,939 ringgit.

Both a flag and a rising trendline confirm this target zone.

The bulls’ party may reach a climax in the zone, followed by a price reversal, as the rise from the Sept. 20 low of 4,032 ringgit looks too steep to sustain.

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Palm oil targets 5,187-5,274 ringgit range, sentiment climaxing

Source: Brecorder

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