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Brazil soya farmers sow almost 91pc of area amid good weather

SAO PAULO: Planting of Brazil’s 2021/2022 soyabean crop reached 90.6% of the total area through Friday, according to an estimate from agribusiness consultancy Safras & Mercado released on Monday.

At this time last week soya farmers had sowed 84.2% of the area while in the same period last season 83.3% of fields had been planted.
Sowing is above the five-year average for the period (85.7%) as the weather has been benevolent in many growing regions of Brazil, the world’s largest producer and exporter of the oilseed.

In Mato Grosso, Brazil’s top growing state, planting of soyabeans has been completed. It has also virtually finished in states like Parana, Safras & Mercado’s survey showed. Brazil’s 2021/2022 soya crop, boosted by steady rains in October and the first days of November, may reach a record above 145 million tonnes.

The area sowed with soyabeans this season in Brazil may be as large as 40.8 million hectares (100.8 million acres), according to the highest estimate in a Reuters poll.

Brazil soya farmers sow almost 91pc of area amid good weather

Source: Brecorder

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