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Palm oil may test support at 5,606 ringgit

SINGAPORE: Palm oil may test a support at 5,606 ringgit per tonne, a break below which may cause a fall into 5,384-5,512 ringgit range. The nature of the current drop remains unclear.

However, it looks like a continuation of the fall from 7,268 ringgit.

The fall still observes closely a set of projection levels on a presumed wave c, the third wave of an irregular flat from the March 2 high of 7,108 ringgit.

Alternatively, the drop from 7,268 ringgit could be regarded as the first part of a bigger downtrend. Under this scenario, the contract may drop far below 5,606 ringgit.

Palm falls 3pc as India extends stock limit

Resistance is at 5,966 ringgit, a break above which could lead to a gain into 6,104-6,326 ringgit range.

On the daily chart, the contract is retesting a support at 5,757 ringgit.

Chances are high that palm oil breaks this level and falls towards 5,400 ringgit.

A brief piercing below 5,757 ringgit may turn out to be a false break.

The contract may instead rise towards 6,113 ringgit.

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Palm oil may test support at 5,606 ringgit

Source: Brecorder

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