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Birla Carbon Launches Exclusive Website for China

Birla Carbon Launches Exclusive Website for China

Birla Carbon, a leader in sustainable carbon black solutions, has launched its digital platform to engage and support customer needs in China.  It aims to provide complete access to customers in China through access to the company’s extensive portfolio of products and solutions shared through informative content and enhanced functional features in Mandarin.

The website has been built on a fully responsive digital platform that is accessible via all devices, irrespective of size and type. The website will host a number of advanced applications which will provide ease of engagement and reach for the Chinese customer. Free downloads of the latest product information in mandarin along with easy-to-access touchpoints like ‘Ask the Expert’ or refer questions and contact Birla Carbon representatives anytime and anywhere. The user-friendly experience will give Chinese customers access to carbon black solutions in the shortest time possible. Ultimately, the website seamlessly integrates with WeChat to provide an effective digital interface for an enhanced customer experience for customers in China.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative, John Davidson, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Birla Carbon, said, “China is one of the leading adaptors of digital technology globally. This exclusive website for China is our commitment towards providing superior quality and unique business solutions to our customers. The digital experience will enable our customers to get all the knowledge of our carbon black solutions with a click of a button.” He further added, “This website exclusively caters to the Chinese customer base as data shows the country accounts for the highest use of digital technologies as well as a higher share in the world’s carbon black capacity, production, and consumption. The user-friendly interface makes it easier for our customers to understand the diverse solutions that Birla Carbon provides, thus amplifying our purpose to ‘Share the Strength’ across regions and the industry.”

The website will focus on carbon black solutions in the automotive industry, tyres, energy storage, agriculture, electronics, paints and coatings, adhesives, sealants, textile fibres,  and circular Sustainable Carbonaceous Materials.

Birla Carbon’s plants in Jining and Weifang, China, help provide high-quality carbon black products to not only the local customers in China but globally as well. The two facilities help supply the growing demands for superior quality, technical solutions, and performance to existing and potential customers. China is an important market for Birla Carbon in the Asia region. This website is another step towards creating experiences and providing unique solutions to our customers.


Source: Tyretradenews

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