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US oil may revisit its July 14 low of $90.56

SINGAPORE: US oil may revisit its July 14 low of $90.56 per barrel, as the bounce from this level has been deeply reversed.

A retracement analysis on the bounce reveals a support of $93.84, which serves as the last barrier towards $90.56.

The consolidation above this support seems to have ended.

The downtrend from $104.46 has resumed. Oil is retesting the support after two failed attempts.

US oil to drop into $93.99-$96.10 range

It is highly likely to succeed in overcoming this barrier.

Resistance is at $95.87, a break above which may lead to a gain into $97.51-$99.15 range.

On the daily chart, the downtrend remains steady within a falling channel.

The trend is expected to extend to $86.11.

Five waves make up the trend.

The wave e is unfolding towards this target.

US oil may revisit its July 14 low of .56

Source: Brecorder

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