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Triangle’s EffeXSport Achieves Wet Grip A Label

Triangle’s EffeXSport Achieves Wet Grip A Label

Triangle Tyre’s main commitment is to provide consumers with best quality tyres able to guarantee safety while meeting their driving expectations and needs.

The implementation of the smart, industry 4.0 factory in China has brought Triangle to a different level of manufacturing technology, accelerating the transition towards products able to gradually increase Triangle’s global market position and favourably compete with the competitors.

In this scenario, the latest news in terms of product development is clearly targeting higher performance levels.

Unveiled at The Tire Cologne 2022, EffeXSport TH202, newest Triangle UHP tyre, represents a milestone and a big leap forward, achieving an A grade label on wet braking in more than half of its range.

Thanks to its advanced technologies Triangle has been able to bridge the trade-off between performance and comfort, developing a tyre with excellent results in both dry and wet braking, driving precision, stability at high speed and wear resistance.

EffeXSport is a modern asymmetric tyre with four wide longitudinal grooves to minimise aquaplaning and additional diagonal elements to enhance the water evacuation.

Its innovative profile provides an optimised footprint and together with large rigid blocks, improves high speed handling and braking capabilities.

The EffeXSport Ultra High-Performance compound is the result of Triangle’s latest R&D research combined with the experience collected from the successful SporteX TH201 and maximizes the grip in any driving conditions.

Triangle’s longitudinal groove mute-technology is ensuring the highest level of acoustic comfort making EffeXSport a very pleasant tyre to drive.

Mirco Spiniella, Business Development Director of Triangle Tyre Europe, says “We are extremely proud to introduce our EffeXSport TH202 to the European market. It represents the latest development of our Generation X products and will be able to excel in overall performances and at the same time score the highest label values on wet.

The first wave of EffeXSport product line up, made of 54 sizes ranging from 16” to 20” inches is already available. The range will be then completed by the end of the year with the addition of further 50 sizes”

“Triangle is only at the beginning of a journey which will lead the company to achieve a stable position among the best tyre manufacturers” continues Spiniella.

Source: Tyretradenews

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