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Mexico to fight US dispute over GM corn after formal consultations fail

MEXICO CITY: Mexico said on Friday it would counter US arguments over agriculture biotech measures, including plans to limit its use of genetically modified (GM) corn, in trade dispute settlement consultations requested by Washington earlier in the day.

The consultation request comes as the North American neighbours inch toward a full-blown trade dispute under the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) over Mexico’s policies to limit the use of GM corn, which it imports from the US If the consultations fail to resolve disagreements within 75 days, Washington can request a dispute settlement panel to decide the case.

Mexico said it was committed to “constructive dialogue” regarding US concerns and to “reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.” Asked if Canada would take similar action to the US, a spokesperson for the Trade Ministry said Canada is “considering its next steps” and would be “guided by what is in the best interest of our farmers and the Canadian agriculture sector.”

The United States requested formal trade consultations in March over objections to Mexico’s plans to limit imports of GM corn and other agricultural biotechnology products. Those consultations took place, but failed to resolve the matter, senior officials of the US Trade Representative’s office said.

Mexico to fight US dispute over GM corn after formal consultations fail

Source: Brecorder

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