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Hedge fund manager revises strategy due to robust oil market

Hedge fund manager revises strategy due to robust oil market
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James Jampel, founder of Massachusetts-based HITE Hedge Asset Management, announced on Thursday that his previous strategy of shorting fossil fuel stocks is no longer viable due to the strong surge in oil prices. The hedge fund manager, known for his successful track record in shorting fossil fuel stocks, now acknowledges the considerable strength of the oil market.

Jampel’s shift in investment strategy is primarily due to the intricate geopolitical landscape surrounding oil. This complexity has made it increasingly challenging to maintain a strategy of shorting fossil fuel companies—an investment tactic that generates profit when stock prices fall.

Despite this change in approach, Jampel maintains his long-term outlook that the momentum in oil prices will eventually decline, although he concedes that this anticipated downturn is farther off than he initially predicted.

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