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Spain to increase mortgage relief threshold amid economic challenges

Spain to increase mortgage relief threshold amid economic challenges

MADRID – In a move to counter the economic downturn and prepare for an anticipated recovery in 2024, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced plans today to raise the income ceiling for mortgage relief. This decision comes as homeowners with variable rate loans are grappling with increasing interest rates.

The current economic landscape has prompted the Spanish government to reevaluate its support measures for homeowners. With average mortgage rates climbing to 3.84%, Spanish banks have continued to offer assistance under the existing code of good practice to households earning below certain thresholds. Despite the availability of this support, there has been a low uptake of mortgage relief, with only 42,000 out of over one million eligible households taking advantage of the program. This low number is attributed to a surprisingly stable labor market, even with Spain’s high rate of homeownership.

Prime Minister Sanchez’s announcement at a financial event in Madrid reflects the government’s proactive stance in addressing the financial strain on households caused by variable interest rates. By increasing the mortgage relief income ceiling, more homeowners may be able to benefit from the support as they navigate through these challenging economic times.

The planned change is part of a broader strategy to bolster Spain’s economy and assist those affected by the current downturn while laying the groundwork for recovery in the coming year. The government’s initiative aims to provide much-needed relief and stability for Spanish families facing financial hardship due to rising mortgage costs.

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