Spot rubber remain unchanged


Spot closed unchanged on Thursday. The commodity lost its direction on buyer resistance as the major consuming industries withdrew from the , possibly to avoid another sharp rise in prices. But it managed to sustain at the prevailing levels on supply concerns.

Spot rubber remain unchanged4 finished flat at ₹129.00 per kg, according to and the Rubber Board. The grade was quoted steady at ₹125.00 per kg by dealers. The volumes were dull.

RSS4 weakened at its August to ₹131.12 (131.16) per kg on the Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX). The contracts were down by 0.03 per cent with a volume of 52 lots and total value of ₹68.32 lakhs.

RSS3 improved at its July futures to ₹104.41 (103.35) and August to ₹104.41 (103.49) per kg on the (TOCOM). 20 firmed up to ₹88.81 (88.38) and Latex 60 per cent to ₹83.78 (83.46) per kg at Kualalumpur. RSS 3 (spot) bounced back to ₹114.94 (113.88) per kg at .

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Spot rubber rates (Rs/kg) were:

RSS4:129.00 (129.00); RSS5: 126.00 (126.00); ISNR20: 109.00 (109.00) and Latex (60 per cent drc): 81.50 (81.50).


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