Rubber low prices rebound


rose slightly in the night , RU2101 closed at 12,400 points, up 0.2%. In terms of the market, the market rebounded, which has a positive effect on chemicals. The price of RMB and Thai mixed in Qingdao Free Zone is 10650 /ton, up 50 yuan. Domestically produced latex rubber is 11650 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan. The city has been closed due to the epidemic in Yunnan, but the current impact on in Yunnan is not significant. The fundamental pressure of natural rubber itself is not strong, the delivery inventory remains low, the spot price is stable, the raw material price rises slightly, and the tight situation is maintained. The technical gap pressure of 12460 points is worthy of attention. The trend is expected to follow the general trend, and the short-term market is still dominated by shocks.

In terms of trading strategy, natural rubber maintained a shock rebound pattern, holding long positions. The technical pressure of RU2101 is 12,500 points.

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