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Whilst the UK was in the grip of its first lockdown, China was busy manufacturing, leading to a vast amount of orders all coming at once to the UK.  importers now find themselves faced with unprecedented carrier freight rate increases, lack of space on the ships and equipment meaning that in addition to the peak season surcharge, high volume surcharges are also applicable.

The need to plan carefully and act quickly is vitally important to ensure that containers are shipped as all bookings made are subject to availability of space.

Businesses might find that with Covid-19 and Brexit they need to reassess their supply chain strategies, forward thinking and working with those understand and can facilitate this, will ensure reliability and a smooth process.

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After taking a back seat in 2020, Brexit has been agreed and whilst for deep sea it should have no impact, how the UK trades with the EU will have changed. Every consignment coming from the EU will need a customs entry.

If you are still unsure, the summary below might offer some guidance.

Check all relevant documentation requirements
Confirm a GB EORI Number and VAT Registration Number
You have a Duty Deferment Account or can use your Customs Agents if applicable.
Knowledge of Code(s)
Clear description of goods including the country/countries of origin
Knowledge of any import licencing requirements

Maritime Cargo (MCS) has been preparing rigorously and is uniquely positioned to offer a hugely experienced in house customs team with the capability and to assist with any EU customs requirements. MCS provide guidance in all processes and paperwork.

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