ERCOT’s unaffiliated board members plan to resign in wake of blackouts



Candidate for last open seat withdraws

11 affiliated board members remain

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Houston —
All four unaffiliated Reliability Council of Texas board members on Feb. 23 notified the Public Utility Commission of Texas of their plans to resign their seats at the end of the Feb. 24 urgent board meeting, scheduled to discuss last week’s polar vortex and rolling blackouts.

Also, another unaffiliated director candidate in line to fill an open seat withdrew from consideration. The resignations leave the board with 11 seated members

In the wake of the rolling blackouts that affected about 2.8 million customers across the state, some have questioned the idea of having board members reside outside Texas.

The resigning board members are:

Sally Talberg, board chairman, a former Michigan Public Service Commission member
Peter Cramton, board vice chairman, an professor at the University of Cologne, Germany, and the University of Maryland
Terry Bulger, and Audit Committee chairman, former executive vice president for the US of BMO Financial Group, a Canadian company
Raymond Hepper, Human Resources and Governance Committee chairman, former general counsel and corporate secretary at ISO New

The identify of the person who withdrew their candidacy as an unaffiliated director could not be confirmed at deadline.

The remaining 11 board members are ERCOT’s president and CEO, plus representatives of the Public Utility Commission of Texas or some segment of the power market, such as consumer, independent power marketer, independent , independent electric provider, electric cooperative or municipal power .


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