Vaculug Launches The Waste Protektor


Vaculug is proud to announce the launch of their latest designed for the waste sector. A brand new Urban All Position Tyre designed with a 5-rib PROTEKT+ dual sidewall protection system; providing the best defence against kerbing damage.

Vaculug commented, “The moment is finally here and we are excited to launch this brand new tyre designed specifically for waste . We believe the Waste Protektor will offer the industry a more reliable solution to alternatives on the due to the innovative sidewall protection system.”

The robust PROTEKT 5-rib sidewall is designed using premium tread compounds that give high to lateral abrasion and heat generation. Not only does this tyre offer added durability it also offers environmental savings of 75kgs of carbon per tyre, making this a more sustainable option for waste fleets.

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Source: Tyretradenews


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