Asian synthetic rubber production capacity expansion of a strong


In Asia has accounted for half of the global production of , the major synthetic companies competing to invest in Asian countries, the increasing scale unit

The International Institute of Producers Association (IISRP) statistics show that the the 2011 universal and styrene thermoplastic elastomer production unit total capacity of 15.97 million tons, of which 7.06 million tons in Asia, accounting for 44% of the world’s total capacity; Japan and South Korea three domestic total nearly 7 million tons, accounting for 43% of the world’s total capacity.

Asia accounted for half of the world’s synthetic , the major synthetic rubber companies competing to invest in Asian countries, and the device increasing scale, together with Europe and North America synthetic capacity significantly shifting to Asia, future Asia-, ethylene-propylene rubber, , styrene-butadiene rubber and other synthetic rubber production will gradually occupy global dominance.

Butyl rubber: swept global new capacity

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China Synthetic Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Wenrong introduction, 85% of the total growth in world demand for butyl rubber in the next three years will occur in the Asia-Pacific region, it is expected that the annual growth rate of 4.6% of the world demand for butyl rubber.

Driven by strong consumption, by 2015 the world’s new butyl capacity will fall entirely on Asia. Butyl capacity in Asia, up from 18.5 million tons in 2010 to 800,000 tons in 2016, the new device capacity of more than 60 million tons / year, which of butyl rubber production capacity will reach 315,000 tons / year.

In addition, LANXESS in Singapore, 100,000 tons / year butyl rubber project will be put into operation in 2013; ExxonMobil will invest in Saudi Arabia to build 10 million tons / year butyl rubber project, plans to put into operation in 2015; India, Reliance and 俄罗斯西布尔 Company (SIBUR) joint venture in India to build a set of 100,000 tons / year of butyl rubber plant is expected to be put into operation in 2014.

Ethylene-propylene rubber: to break the three pillars of the situation

JiHua of Company Institute senior engineer Terri said, the global ethylene propylene rubber production capacity is still mainly concentrated in North America, Western Europe, Asia and other regions, the basic formation of North America (485,000 tons / year), Western Europe (40 million tons / year) tripod pattern and Asia (38.9 million tons / year). In recent years, the global ethylene propylene rubber production was slow growth in Asia in recent years, even some time in the future, ethylene propylene rubber industry development pillar area, capacity expansion and rapid.

According to reports, ethylene propylene rubber projects currently under construction or planned: Shanghai Sinopec Mitsui elastomer. Limited construction of 75,000 tons / year plant; Japan JSR plan Korea EPDM rubber production capacity from the current 90,000 tons / year to 150,000 tons / year; Chemical Company, JiHua oil, China plans to add 40,000 tons / year ethylene propylene rubber production capacity; Shaanxi Yanchang Petrochemical, the China Shandong Jade chemical, as well as South Korea’s SK plans each in Ningbo, China, on 5 tons / year project.

In addition, the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and ExxonMobil elastomers project in Saudi Arabia, as well as Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo EPDM joint investment projects.

With the release of the production capacity in Asia, the global ethylene propylene rubber total capacity after 2015 there will be a large increase in expected production capacity of more than 1.65 million tons.

Nitrile rubber: made in China increases sharply

Li Jing, a senior engineer of the China Lanzhou Petrochemical Research Center of synthetic rubber by 2011 the global nitrile rubber production capacity has reached 738,500 tons, made in China increases sharply, nitrile rubber production in key areas of investment. Nitrile rubber production is mainly concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe, Asia capacity growth, other parts of the nearly annual production capacity remains unchanged. , Lanxess, the Zeon Chemical and oil is the world the three nitrile rubber production enterprise, production capacity of 125,000 tons / year, 105,000 tons / year and 79,500 tons / year, investment production plant in Asia.

China Town, Jiangnan Di expansion of twenty thousand tons / year nitrile rubber plant is completed in early 2012; LANXESS – TSRC (Nantong) Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. 30,000 tons / year high quality nitrile rubber plant has been put into operation in May 2012.

Joint venture in Nanjing, Jiangsu Gimpo Group and Mexico KUO Group the Gimpo British Sa synthetic rubber Mexico, Ying Sa Company (INSA) technology Co., Ltd. intends to build 60,000 tons / year nitrile rubber plant, constructed in two phases, one of which is 30,000 tons / year, is expected to be completed by the end of 2013; 俄罗斯西布尔 and Chinese Sinopec intends to adopt the the SIBUR technology building in Shanghai, 50,000 tons / year nitrile rubber.

2011 China nitrile rubber production capacity has reached 183,500 tons, nitrile rubber production capacity in China by the end of 2015 is expected to reach 315,000 tons.

Styrene-butadiene rubber: SSBR more favored by investment

The main varieties of the styrene-butadiene rubber is a synthetic rubber, chemical companies focus on investment in Asia, particularly in solution-polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR) can be used as an important raw material for the green tire, rapid growth.

World SSBR new capacity in the next few years mainly in Asia, especially Japan SSBR production companies have the new SSBR production unit in Asia, is expected to come on stream in mid-2013.

March 19, 2012, Japan JSR and JSR-BST Bangkok BST synthetic formation SSBR factory started construction of the first stage of the plant capacity of 50,000 tons / year and put into operation in June 2013, the second phase will be based on demand the case may be; joint venture company set up jointly by the Indian Oil Corporation, TSRC and Marubeni Corporation of Japan, plans to invest in the construction of 12 million tons / year SSBR project in Panipat, India, plans to be put into operation in 2013; Japan’s Sumitomo Chemical Company Singapore’s 40,000 t / SSBR project into production will be available in the fourth quarter of 2013; Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd. in Singapore, 10 million tons / year SSBR project into production will take place in June 2013, a 2015 two production; Fidelity India industrial companies are 古吉拉特邦哈 zloty construction of 150,000 tons / year SBR plant unit, is expected to put into operation in 2013.

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