GM developing sustainable natural tyre rubber


() has announced is looking to develop sustainable for , in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of automotive manufacturing and reduce deforestation.

GM developing sustainable natural tyre rubber

The auto giant says it is working with suppliers including Bridgestone, , and to develop “appropriate transparency into natural and ensure its traceability throughout the supply chain”.

Several benefits have been outlined as the result of sustainable tyre rubber, and are described as follows:

  • “Preserving and restoring primary forests and high conservation value and high carbon stock areas that are critical to addressing climate change and protecting wildlife”
  • “Improving yield and quality for natural rubber farmers, further supporting the small businesses that contribute 85 percent of this material”
  • “Mitigating business risk related to supply chain sourcing and performance and helping  assure long-term availability of a key commodity”
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GM says this is an industry-first commitment to sourcing sustainable natural rubber in tyres, and hopes to drive the automotive sector toward net-zero deforestation, while upholding human and labour rights.

GM developing sustainable natural tyre rubber

This latest development comes after British luxury marque Bentley announced it is looking into vegan-friendly interiors including leather made out of mushrooms, while Ford teamed up with Tequila company Jose Cuervo to explore the use of used agave plants (above) to create sustainable bioplastics for its .


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