Mexico’s Pemex sees PE output trend higher in June: company data


Pemex saw its overall polyethylene production increase by more than 2,000 in while also posting a year-on-year increase last month, according to data released Monday by the Mexican state-owned company.

Mexico's Pemex sees PE output trend higher in June: company dataJune saw Pemex produce 33,840 mt of last month, up 2,009 mt (6.3%) from May and 1,434 mt (4.4%) higher than when compared with June 2016.

Pemex, which produces high-density PE, low-density PE and linear low-density PE, realized its biggest gains in output. Pemex\’s June production was 7,516 mt, up 1,803 mt (31.6%) from May but 63 mt (0.8%) less than the same month a year ago.

Pemex\’s HDPE production rose to 4,576 mt last month, an increase of 972 mt (27%) from May. The June total, however, was down 3,814 (45.5%) from the same month a year ago.

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LLDPE was the only grade that saw a month-on-month decrease, totaling 21,748 mt last month, a decline of 766 mt (3.4%) when compared with May. Still, the June total was good for an increase of 5,311 mt (32.3%) year on year.



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