Thai Rubber Development Plan for the Next 20-year Is on the Way


On September 9, Director of Authority of (RAOT) said that the RAOT would conduct a final review of a draft for the 20-year development. If the draft is passed, will become the first Thai national rubber development plan. Thus, the rubber consumption in Thailand may be stimulated, and the rubber farmers’ income will be improved.

The 20-year Thai national rubber development plan sets the prospect of the rubber industry development, which is that Thailand will become the world’s largest country in rubber planting, processing and exporting. Thailand wants to purse a decisive role and authorities in the international . Besides, the rubber consumption volume in Thailand will take 30% of the total rubber output, and the current proportion is 14%. The annual export value of both rubber feedstock and will reach 800 billion . The foreign investment value attracted to the industry will reach 2 billion per year.

The 20-year Thai national rubber development plan can be divided into four stages, and every stage contains five years. In the first stage of plan, the key objective is to improve the rubber output and the production efficiency. In the second stage of the plan, the goal is to develop and explore both the Thailand and international . In the third stage, innovation and research in the rubber related industry needs to be promoted with great effort. In the last stage, the aim set in the national rubber development plan is to improve the management capabilities in the all-round rubber industry. Make Thailand become the world’s largest country in rubber planting, processing and exporting is the final target in the plan.

The draft of the plan includes 5 strategies and 19 tactics, mainly for stimulating the rubber consumption volume in Thailand, improving the , strengthening rubber farmers’ operation, and cultivating Smart Farmers. By cooperating with the international research institutes, the Thai rubber players can strengthen scientific innovation and develop high value-added products.

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