US firm petitions against rubber band imports from Asia


Washington – Alliance Co., an Arkansas-based producer of , has petitioned the International Trade Commission for relief against imports from , Lanka and .

US firm petitions against rubber band imports from AsiaAlliance, which said makes the vast majority of the rubber bands manufactured in the , asked for both antidumping and countervailing duties in its petition. The officially instituted an investigation 30 Jan.

“Rubber band manufacturers from are receiving subsidies from their own governments and are artificially lowering their prices in order to root out American competition,” said Alliance president Bonnie Spencer Swayze in a press release issued in conjunction with the petition.

The ITC has scheduled a 20 Feb conference on the Alliance petition at its headquarters in Washington.

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By 16 March, the commission will vote on a preliminary determination of material injury in the Alliance investigation. It will transmit its findings to the US Department of Commerce no later than 23 March.

According to its website, Hot Springs-based Alliance manufactures more than 2,200 rubber band products which it sells in 55 countries. Founded in Alliance, Ohio, in 1923, it employs more than 150.


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