ANRPC expects 2.8% growth in NR demand this year


– Global demand for natural () is set to grow at 2.8% in 2018, considerably higher than 1.2% observed during 2017, according to the Association of Natural Producing Countries ().

ANRPC expects 2.8% growth in NR demand this yearIn its latest monthly report published 23 Feb, the ANRPC predicted that demand would grow from 12.964 million tonnes in 2017 to 13.327 million tonnes this year.

Contributing to this growth, said ANRPC, are an improving global economy, and the expected impact of recently approved changes to taxation policy.

Furthermore, the outlook for commodity market prices is expected to strengthen during 2018, due to cuts by and political tensions in the .

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However, global supply of NR, 90% of which is fulfilled through ANRPC members, is also set to rise 4.5% to 13.784 million tonnes in 2018, the association said.

The growth rate in production is slightly less than the previous year’s growth rate, which stood at 4.7%.

The slower rate was mainly attributed to a lower production anticipated by at 4.375 million tonnes, down by 1.2% on a year-to-year basis.

Reviewing market performance in January, ANRPC said an early wintering season faced by rubber farmers in had slowed production.

The same seasonal factor will soon be seen in other major producing countries, predicted ANRPC.

“Slowdown in NR supply may be expected, and this may lead to a much-balanced supply-demand NR market in the coming months,” the association concluded.

  • European Rubber Journal


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