Nitrile rubber market is mainly stable


Last week (11.18-11.22), the of nitrile rubber was mainly stable. The of nitrile rubber was 16,400 / ton, and the overall price rose 0%.

Low for raw butadiene

Butadiene prices are low and support for nitrile rubber has weakened. According to the monitoring of the business agency, last week (11.18-11.22), butadiene was 8634 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week and 8590 yuan / ton at the weekend, with a slight decline of 0.51% overall.

Petrochemical ex-factory price is stable

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The domestic nitrile manufacturers’ equipment operates normally, the ex-factory price of nitrile rubber is stable, and the overall operating rate of the nitrile rubber equipment is around 70%. According to the understanding of the business agency, Lanzhou Petrochemical’s 65,000 tons / year unit is operating normally. The ex-factory price of blue nitrile rubber stabilized this week, and the current N41E price is 14,700 yuan / ton.

Multiple on-demand inquiries downstream

The demand for nitrile rubber downstream plants is weak, and more inquiries have been made on nitrile rubber.

Business analyst Xu Xiaokun believes that the price of is low, and downstream inquiries on demand, the overall nitrile rubber is slightly weak. However, driven by the surge in and general rubber, it is expected that the nitrile rubber may increase tentatively in the later period.

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