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Rubber short-term pressure on the stock continued to fall


Day glue compete for 60 lines, closed at 296.1 yen; dollar continues to record high, closed at 81.654; Copper & lows down 0.44%; crude sideways; Lun silver fluctuation.

Stock market

Domestic natural rubber offer: Qingdao 25,100 yuan, down 300 yuan, 24,900 yuan, down 400 yuan; 20 # main producing countries the standard rubber Quote: Maleic down $ 10 at $ 3,025, down $ 20 at $ 3,035 Thailand, Indonesia $ 2,965, down $ 20.


Recently, Thailand 3 smoked rubber offer has risen to the reasonable price of $ 3.30 per kilogram, while Thai Deputy Minister of Agriculture recently also said that the Thai government will cease to continue to execute the purchase mechanism of rubber (24,710, -455.00, -1.81%), the current The scheme will be due in late March. Notification of the National Development and Reform Commission, from midnight today, the price of gasoline and diesel per ton, up 300 yuan and 290 yuan, estimated retail price of 90 # gasoline and 0 # diesel per liter, respectively, up 0.22 yuan and 0.25 yuan.


Glue down on Friday September suspend the trend is not very optimistic about the overall performance of the plate outside overnight, the LME fell below the key support level and out of control, Day glue to close at 300 yen below the short-term firm is very difficult, Thailand rubber stop purchase, to the end of March, the Thai government from the hands of the rubber farmers to buy rubber establish inventory total will reach 41 million tons, and accelerate their own inventories glue to move to the international market. The domestic market will resume in late March domestic factories at full capacity, but still consumed mainly Prior to stocking, real market procurement may want to mid-March is beginning to come, rubber short-term worrying.

Strategy: long-term empty a single possession, days 25100 empty single Admission, relying on 60 dates set stop loss.

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/4/13024.html

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